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Fair Wireless deal through–discount code availablle

We continue to look to get a better deal than the two big carriers offer, and for our lower use purposes, seem to have found one so far in Ting (  The have a nice mix of devices to choose from, and a variable rate plan that adjusts up and down for each of the three main use variables (voice, text, and data) based on your monthly use.  Customer service has been great when needed, and there’s a nice user community.  I see that it could be less of a deal for heavier users, but that isn’t us at the moment.

There’s a nice referral plan offered as well.  Use this link and we’ll get a statement credit, and on activating you’ll get a $25 credit as well.


if there’s a downside, it would be that it runs off Sprint’s network, so while coverage is decent, data speeds can be slow depending on the areas.  4G/Wi-Max and 4G LTE (where devices supporting those are used them) are available in some areas.  We save on data and work to improve spped by using wi-fi where possible.






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